ENGLISH – 翻訳会社OTI Inc.


The goal of OTI is to supply high-quality translation and other communication services to its clients, thereby contributing to the success of their business.

For our competent services, OTI today enjoys an over-whelming support of clients in all fields of industry, government offices, universities and other organizations.


Company name: OTI Inc.
Office address :
4-8, Teraonaka 4-chome, Ayase-City, Kanagawa pref. 252-1132 Japan

Established: October 1986


Tel : +81-467-55-9449
Fax :  +81-467-55-9449
E-mail : info-jpn@e-oti.com


Since technical translation services have been considered indispensable for industries in Japan, the challenge has been translating accurately and understandably with limited time and budget. With time, information processing techniques progressed at a tremendous pace and this challenge was thought solvable in the near future. However, we are still waiting for the solution.

Thinking about it, we can easily see why. For example, an English word from English-speaking culture that means exactly the same as the Japanese word from Japanese culture can be difficult or impossible to find. Thus, diplomatic documents make translation problematic. When we try to translate accurately, the clarity can be lost; when we try to translate clearly, the accuracy can be lost. These cases can cause communication issues and mutual distrust in business.

Translation to simultaneously and completely meet the two requirements of accuracy and understandability is challenging. In translation, translators and reviewers are likened to climbers walking on a steep ridge. If they are off guard, they will quickly lose sight of the above requirements. Recognizing this, OTI will continue to walk on this steep ridge, striving for translation accuracy and understandability.


Japanese, English, French, German, Russian, Spanish, Chinese, and Korean. Any of these foreign languages into Japanese, and vice versa


OTI has its own business standards, particularly for the quality of translation and for protection of tradesecrets of the clients.