ENGLISH – 翻訳会社OTI Inc.


The goal of OTI is to supply high-quality translation and other communication services to its clients, thereby contributing to the success of their business.

For our competent services, OTI today enjoys an over-whelming support of clients in all fields of industry, government offices, universities and other organizations.


Company name: OTI Inc.
Office address :
4-8, Teraonaka 4-chome, Ayase-City, Kanagawa pref. 252-1132 Japan

Established: October 1986


Tel : +81-467-55-9449
Fax :  +81-467-55-9449
E-mail : info-jpn@e-oti.com


●Since establishment in 1986, OTI has translated technological documents, which are primarily research papers, study reports and survey reports in chemical, medical and pharmaceutical fields. OTI especially has a wealth of experience translating toxicity assessment reports that are needed to register agricultural chemicals. OTI has translated many reports of major laboratories in Europe and the United States.
●Supervision of technical papers


Japanese, English, French, German, Russian, Spanish, Chinese, and Korean. Any of these foreign languages into Japanese, and vice versa


OTI has its own business standards, particularly for the quality of translation and for protection of tradesecrets of the clients.